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Notebook and Pen

 J. Ivanel Johnson


   "  I've soaked up the essence of the Brontes by living in Haworth,
been haunted by the ghost of Sylvia Plath, buried just beyond
what more troubled and tragic Muses could an author hope to absorb? "   
- J. Ivanel Johnson in 2010

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 Current Projects and
Most Recently-Published Works:

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Released Sept. 22/22 by Black Rose, Texas.  Front cover, left, and below, official author photo for novel, (credit: R. Reich, NB) 

USE THIS LINK to purchase at many of your favourite retailers, online (or in-person, through participating  independent bookstores  in your area at                                                          

recent promo & photo of J. Ivanel Johnson for poem "Seeing Red", chosen by jury of 4 for June 2021's Pride Month & National Indigenous History Month in Third Estate Art's social-justice magazine "Quaranzine" (more from this on "More -Testimonials/Reviews" page above right)
(click photo for link to the promotional piece by publicist @RightRich2)

See more about this novel and series on this site's page:

"Still Life". Sequel out June '23.

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Woman Typing

Iron Bone, in
Nothing Without Us anthology

Renaissance Press, 2019, edited by: Cait Gordon

and Talia Johnson, nominated for 2020 Aurora Award

Now on syllabus at Trent University and nominated for a Prix Aurora Award for Best-Related Work.  Iron Bone, by J. Ivanel Johnson is " one of 22 brilliant own-voice stories where we who are disabled, Deaf, neurodiverse, and/or we who manage mental illness are the heroes, not the sidekicks!" (Cait Gordon, editor)
Foreword by eight-time Prix Aurora Award
winner Derek Newman-Stille.

lighter, website.jpg

How To Teach Drama To Kids

 e-book, paperback, audio-book and

now hard-cover by HowExpert Press

This guide, “How to Teach Drama to Kids” will take someone unsure of the main principles of teaching theatre arts to various ages, through the basic categories and components principally considered to be the heart of the study of Drama. Whether you are a music or English teacher hired to teach a semester of Drama, or an actor commissioned to do a series of children’s workshops, this guide will take you through a stage-by-stage process including exercises for the under 10 age group, the pre-teens, and the high-school ages.

Audio-book is narrated by the delightful actress, Ramona Master.

writing rough notes, b&w.jpg

Rough Notes -
a Canadian historical musical

in development, 2018-2023

thanks to a grant from Canada Council for the Arts,to be professionally workshopped

in Oct. 2022

 "Traditional yet with fresh features, Rough Notes is an historically Canadian musical with rurals juxtaposed with royals, melding a mosaic of music about life, love and literary pursuits whirling in on the winds of WWII.  Imagine this - it’s the eve of our nation entering another great horror, so soon after the FIRST… and 3 Canadian couples at different ages and stages are about to be vastly affected. Here the Scottish, French and Maliseet rural peoples of New Brunswick meet and mingle with the real-life representative Royals, combating a spy and an undercover female journalist at Rideau Hall, Ottawa; here, the joys and sorrows of this tense time in our history are witnessed from the eyes of a 7 year old boy, a 17-year-old teen about to become a soldier,  the daughter of the first woman of colour to graduate UNB, as well as a world- famous author with only a month to live... "


 mentioned May 10, 2021 at end of this archival discussion on the Buchans in NB by CBC's SHIFTNB :


For the latest on the musical,
Rough Notes, click this icon: 

Desk with Book

Published in


"Seeing Red" poem

in Third Estate Art's "Quaranzine, vol.3"

(social justice magazine)

"Thinking Outside The Box" short story

in Squares & Rebels

"Mollyhouse, vol. 3"

(literary journal

for marginalized communities)

 edited by Raymond Luczak

"The Door To Gwunvailer" epic poem

in Cat Ladies of the Apocalypse anthology,

by Camden Park Press,

edited by Lyn Worthen

"Mr. McGarrity's Hoe" poem

in June 2020's
THEMA  literary magazine

And they write innumerable books; being too vain and distracted for silence: seeking every one after his own elevation, and dodging his emptiness.

T.S. Eliot

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